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03-12-2011, 12:57 AM
The Sci version is really deadly because it can spec in high level tac skills and ignore AP except Omega. Sci in one with Innate Delta, beta and still get a tac to train Omega plus HYT3 or BOv3

So I see it something like this:

Sci: HE, TB, TSS3
Tac: HYT1, CSV1, CRF2, AP:O
Tac: TT1, HYT2
Tac: TT1
Eng: EMPtS, Aux to Sif

Throw in the Sci capt innates and MVAM innates this escort gets very sciency and very offensive.

On a side note tomorrow I hope the devs pop into ESD they need to make the reverse penalty higher, I have been seeing the return of the turreting escorts/BoPs