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03-12-2011, 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by Zanshi View Post
Well, you can use the MVAC in either the AE or the MVAE.
You can use the normal AE if you're clueless. PSW will give you more offensive power than anything you could put in a 2nd ltc tac slot, and gives you much more versatility in terms of tanking/healing/cc if you want to put something else there. There is absolutely no good reason to take the regular AE over the MVAMAE. Or any other escort for that matter... unless you really like cloak.

Not saying that Ltc sci slot > Ltc tac slot. Just that when you already have one Ltc tac (from the cmdr tac), it's always better to have your other ltc boff slot be something else, especially if that something else is sci.