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03-12-2011, 01:27 AM
Would I pay for a Foundry slot? In theory yes. If, after using my "starter set" of 8 missions, I wished to continue making missions I would consider maybe paying 5$ for a mission slot.

Considering the amount of time that goes into making a "completely finished, polished mission with proper story, sub-plots and bells and whistles, 5$ is relatively nothing.

I mean we are talking about a good 20 hours of solid work, not counting play testing, at least, as a minimum for a good mission. I can put out a simple mission in 20 minutes very easily.

The real question is what mechanism can be used to reward authors that provide good quality material to the community. What is "good quality'? Who is the judge? What is the Reward and is it worth anything at all?

As authors in the Foundry we are giving up any real claims or rights to anything we create with Cryptic's tools. What value is that Product to the company? Or to the individual author and to the general game population and to the Stock-holders?

Answer these questions and we can have a metric to weigh the relative values. Myself, I just like to have fun and be Creative AND Destructive at the same time....