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03-12-2011, 03:58 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
You can use the normal AE if you're clueless. PSW will give you more offensive power than anything you could put in a 2nd ltc tac slot, and gives you much more versatility in terms of tanking/healing/cc if you want to put something else there. There is absolutely no good reason to take the regular AE over the MVAMAE. Or any other escort for that matter... unless you really like cloak.

Not saying that Ltc sci slot > Ltc tac slot. Just that when you already have one Ltc tac (from the cmdr tac), it's always better to have your other ltc boff slot be something else, especially if that something else is sci.
I had to respond to this one..

I'm using the original AE not because I'm clueless, but because I prefer the less magic and more natural pvp aspect of the ship. If you need something that will cause your target to be a sitting duck so you can kill it easily to pvp, perhaps your the one that's clueless and needs to learn how to fight something that can fight back. Maybe those that choose the AE over the MVAMAE prefer a challenge. I already can see the numerous weak players like you suggest using the stun method or the powerful healing capabilities of a science lt cmdr slot, it's obvious that we are sliding the difficulty slider to easy mode again with an escort that has more heal capabilities for itself and maybe for others.

As the majority already knows, most BOPs have 1 row of tactical used and the rest covered with healing and science magic skills, such as stuns.., and even though this ship doesn' t have universal slots, it's already got half way to the set up that most klingon players would have, only thing not worth it would be the lt tactical slot, which most would prefer engineer or more science. I figured this out in seconds getting into the MVAMAE, and after realizing how easy pvp would be in this ship, I went to the original AE. Not slamming anyone for using the new ship, but at the same time let's not call players using the original one clueless, perhaps they are using it for the challenge.