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03-12-2011, 07:33 AM
Please for the love of tRek doing more while Mr Nimoy is healthy is only logical..

SO fast track a Vulcan re unification SAga for a future Ep.. or loosen up the Foundry so we can do your work for you.

STO is in an ALt timeline has a different galactic map and can go anywhere with the LIC that doesn't totally disrespect the IP and loose the LIC for Cryptic.. is based more then 30 years after Lord Shinzon's Romulan
Parallel uni.. ect.. blah blah.. So its down to creativity and desire.. we have that cryptic has it.. the NEw Revisionist movies have their things its all good . .we all win something good.

So its reasonable to see separatist from colonial provinces defect to the Federation or form enclaves with Vulcan Intelligence Special Operations Group[s] out side more then a head nod or eye wink of UFP governing bodies.. Common ground for the cause of the Hobus Disaster is Ripe for joint actions.