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03-12-2011, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by Iceroid View Post
I vote yes, and here is why (and yes, I fly one, and will continue to fly one for the foreseeable future):

1. It outmaneuvers all other escorts.
2. It outruns all other escorts.
3. It out tanks all other escorts.
4. It only loses *up to* 10% hull & shields for above bonuses.

IMO, it needs to lose more hull/shields (like it did in the first revision on tribble) in order to be a balanced ship.

1. In MVA mode yes. But that is sort of the point.
2. See above.
3. Only if you run the MVA AE and not the RA. In which case you lose quite abit of Burst Damage compared to the other Escorts, even with TBR2 (though with TBR fully specced there is very small gap, and you've just gained yourself a very nice Control power.) If you run a Controller MVA AE, it will tank the same. The amount of tanking you gain is roughly equal to the Damage Lost if you want a tanking AE.
4. I'd like to see it lose a little more hull and shields in MVA Mode. (not much more but more. I think another 5 percent would do it)

Something worth pointing out about the pets though is just how stupid they are AI script wise. The pets are So Bad, that I find they effectively add nothing to my damage at the end of a match, even in the RA AE vs the VA AE. I really do wish cryptic would actually give us a set of Pet Commands in this game. Between the carrier pets, photonic trash, and this (the saucer section of the Gal R is even dumber) I can't believe cryptic still hasn't addressed the lack of Pet Commands.
This is to be expected of course since the only thing different to a normal AI Script they have is to attack your first target. And then they meander off on their own, just like npcs. And I swear to god, they deliberately go for each other in a Showdown once they are scrambled.

We also have to keep in mind, that Cryptic is going to redo most of if not all of the other T5 ships 'soon'. So completely judging it's balance on what we have now might be a sketchy prospect, though I still do favor the RA AE, if you give it the MVA Console compared to the other.