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03-12-2011, 12:36 PM
  • BoP gets a Cloak, MVAM gets to have to pets
  • BoP gets 11 BO slots for universal, MVAM gets 12 and are hard fixed.
  • MVAM has near or better turn/inertia, as a BoP, when separated

The similarities stop there. MVAM gets lots more hull, little bit more shields and an extra rear weapons slot. Like i said previously, i cannot explain why that is so. For a ship that is less than the sum of its whole, MVAM, is better than a ship that is whole, BoP, and cannot split....yet was always heavily armed and armored!!

It seems clear that the Hull variance needs to be corrected by either uping the BoP's or by lowering the MVAM's.
It also seems clear that the BoP needs to regain its rear weapon slot or the MVAM loses theirs....or the BoP gets an innate increase in its defense value to make up for a loss in aft weapons.
which ever way you cut it, the newer ships are making the older ones obsolete and there is NO EFFORT to remake the older ones VIABLE STILL!!!