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03-12-2011, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by Zanshi View Post
Geez... Have you been actually READING the PvP posts, or do you not have the proper comprehension to understand *why* we were upset?
I see your reasoning to be upset, (duration and NUMBER of cloaked mines) ,BUT I personally find SOME of requests for "changes"on these said posts to be "excessive".
Particularly the request to make changes to the science ability of photonic fleet.
Photonic fleet is NOT pet spam, It is the LATEST science ABILITY being offered up by SOME for sacrifice. As a science captain, this my perspective. This annoys the hell out of me personally. Particularly since I've yet to see a post asking to reduce the numbers of birds of preys the carrier can equip. Isn't this contributing to the spawning problem and player lag too?

In the regards to player lag. It's my opinion that as the game improves and more items/content are introduced
this is going to be more and more of a concern. I wouldn't want the game to stop evolving, improving as it were. Many of these upcoming changes/content, may require more from our systems. . I was experiencing a lot of lag until I purchased a new system. Now I'm not having any issues at all anymore. I understand that many players might not be able to purchase new systems, but they might be able to update their current ones at a much more reasonable cost. At some point, these lower end systems are going to be a more and more of a concern in many regards to the online experience in general.

More to the point of this thread, I for one will not be purchasing this ship, which is a shame, because I want to. Reasoning, I know that what I pay for now, may not be the ship I end up with.

Originally Posted by Mirror-Master
I'm a firm believer that Cryptic needs to give PvP'ers a cookie and make sure their game is balanced. And on the flip side they need to make sure PvE'ers get ships and abilities that are enjoyable and not nerfed into uselessness. We're both paying for an enjoyable game after all.
This exactly.