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03-12-2011, 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by Zanshi View Post
Honestly, I wasn't fully specced in The Advanced Escort (I fly Defiants), but I found MVAM more gimmicky and a pain than anything OPed. The pet spawn is easy to get rid of, kind of like a Galaxy's Saucer section.
The pets aren't what make it OP -- although they do help, especially spreading around beta with faw, as well as BTWS and BTES. They aren't there for damage, but creating spam and debuffing the enemy. What makes it OP is the fact that it has a near perfect boff layout and the beta section by itself is better than the unseperated ship. The pets are just icing on top.

Originally Posted by Zanshi View Post
I used the console in the original Prometheus T5 class because I couldn''t use APO otherwise and still be effective.
You're doing it wrong.