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03-12-2011, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
I know I just came back after a long absence. And I do know they've made a couple of small improvements to interiors. But they are still very much a work in progress right?

Dedicated bridge officers (engineering? medical?) ... customizable crew look/uniform ... more functionality ... it's all still being worked on right?

So, I dunno, at the pace they put that stuff in the game (glacier like), compounded by the Klingon Content Variable (raise that time of release to the Nth degree where N equals a value of X as modified by Q squared by the number of posts Stormshade makes in a given week) ... and I'd say we should probably return to that topic sometime in the year 2025?

Well all these things they are "working" on are in work for a LONG while now, NOTHING has been done. The only change to the interiors that have been made was the addition of the mission replay. And customizable crew will, for sure, be limited to the uniforms, that doesnt adress the OPs melting-pot issue.
And the only "new" thing for interiors.... is a TOS interior... wich is, in my opinion an EPIC joke. Every t5 escort still flys arround with a souverign-class-style warpcore and unfitting giant hallways, but a c-store T1 gets fitting interior... but thats off topic.
So 2025... thats a reasonable time for improvment, yes^^