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03-12-2011, 09:25 PM
After looking over it, it's a modified B4. The gray color seems to match Gray B9.

Edit: Well, I made as close as I could to the EMH's uniform. The boots are true black, except for the "tongue" which can be matched (or at least it appears to me).

I went with the B4 uniform, Color Config 1, First: B1 of the primary department colors (it looks like the EMH's might be 1 higher than this, but this is as close as they get), rest: Gray B9.

Pants: Mid Ankle, Panels and Pockets
BW: B9, BW: B11, BW: B11, BW: B9

Boots: Leather
BW: B12, BW: B10, BW: B12, BW: B8 (the B12 is the closest I could find, the dark gray is too blue and the dark 'black' isn't dark enough, looks like the boots are true black).

Command Red
Engineer Gold
Science Blue
Medical Teal