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03-12-2011, 08:30 PM
A "tutorial" mode toggle for the UI might be helpful to more than a few people. Something where the counter to a control or debuff power used against you flashes in your power tray (Sci Team flashes when you're hit with Viral Matrix, or Polarize Hull for when you're caught in a tractor beam, for example). Or where your torpedo icon flashes when the enemies shields are down. This mode could also include a 'Learn About...' link where a BOff tells you what the most common uses for a power are. Greater skill transparency would be a huge boon, tutorial mode or not.

As for finding NPC's, Cryptic could use the virtual pathway that they used in Cutting the Cord, at least on ESD and Qo'noS.

I think the biggest improvement that Cryptic's UI team could give us is a 100% reliable UI that activates powers every time we click them.