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03-13-2011, 05:36 AM
yea, I know about 'em but so far we've only a dribble. and we do have the "way of the warrior" stuff.. but even that gets repetitious. And I'm also getting the feeling from many other klingon players that they're not all that much fun after a while.. and in a couple cases become stupidly difficult difficult for any but the most vetern and experienced of players. STill no Klingon "diplomatic" corp equivelent. And still a lack of PvE content.

I know the content is being made.. but I'd rather see it come in in drips and drabs which would at least keep interest up then some massive big swell foop of content. We have a bunch of star systems in Klingon Space which have NO content associated with them.. How about some patrol missions in those sectors?

ANd we could still use some more ships besides. Feds got thier Multi vector monstrosity... wheres our goodies? Season 2 was supposed to be the season of the Klingons but in retrospect we didn't get very much happening.. Gett'n awfully tired of waiting while the fed side of this game gets more stuff loaded on.

I certainly haven't seen any5thing mentioned as a counterpart to the upcoming craftable delta flyer. We have nothing at all like the Multivector ship. I will note that some things haves been done but we got a long way to go before a Klingon player doesn't have to grind thier way down a well worn groove that every other single last klingon has walked before. Leavlling up my other Klingon toons is hearbreakingly dull.