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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
Every ST product is "legally liscensed"; it has to be to be able to use the ST name. But just because something uses the ST name doesnt make it canon. The fact is, if CBS decides to make another ST series post TNG, they can ignore all the books that have been written and do whatever they want. That just goes to show you how "canon" they are.
Cannon that has been written in the existing storyline should be qualified as usable, such as the Klingon based novels released during the TNG timeline.
If an legally produced source has already been added to enrich the genre database of knowledge, I see no issue with said source being referenced.
Otherwise they ignore lots of "canonically excepted and supplemental at the time" materials just becuase it never an episode made or a movie produced. That is narrow view of the whole of the genre and weak excuse for why things should be a certain way.

CBS's idea of canon is what ever gives them a profit at that time.

I'm just trying to say there is more out there in the "big picture" than just what has been onscreen.

Originally Posted by cavilier210 View Post
Canon is dictated by the holders of the IP Roach, and they're the ones that say, with few exceptions, that the only canon that exist for ST is the shows and movies. Some of the books and comics are considered canon by CBS/Paramount, but most of the books aren't.
Which books then? Which outside sources are considered canon?

if you want to play the "let's stretch the definition of canon to what I want" game, then I'd love to see the Borg gone, and have nothing but missions about how I have to help rebuild Vulcan (decimated in the destiny series)
Thats not what I asked for, a game set to me "viewpoint", is it?
My arguement has been about canon sources and their effect on the genre, specificaly the KDf and how the "hard canon" viewpoint is too limited and a poor reprensitation of anything but a small section of KDF life.

I want a better definition of what canonically exceptable than just the adventures of a small section of SF Captains and thier often isolated adventures,the odd glimpse into alien cultures and societies, not a "what I want in the game" setting.
If the fanbase is going to cry "hard canon" everytime something comes up then I would like to know exactly what is hard canon and why?
How far does it cover? Whats left out becuase even the movies and shows did not show all aspects of everything. Where are the missing peices filled in from?