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Originally Posted by staalker View Post
I'd have been happier with the truth, that the Klingons aren't fleshed out as well as the Federation is in "official" Star Trek lore. It makes it harder to add content for them, based on the series/movies. However, this is an alternate timeline. Wasn't the point of that so they could add content that was "out of sync" with the series and movies without disrupting everything?

This being an alerternate relaity from the old, there should be no real limitations to what they can add so long a they follow the basic rules, such as Starfleets Prime Directive and such.
I think you migh want to have a look at "The Path to 2409" again.
It show that this is the unaltered post-Nemesis timeline.
There is a line that leads "down and backwards" into the alternate timeline of "Star Trek" (2009).
This is the "proper timline", not the alternate one affected by the appearance of the Narada in 2233.