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03-13-2011, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
They're a pain to use in space in general and on the ground because they have to be "puppeteered" in real time with one person controlling all the actors.

As THEY get more sophisticated with it, they should build a library of prefab behaviors/conversations we can use.

Y'Know, like an argument that gets pre-scripted or a camera back and forth pan with emotes between two actors.
I can see a CUT SCENE EDITOR as a great addition to foundry.
A method to create a "script" where you give assign ACTIONS to ACTOR and CAMERAS, and SCENES

ACTORS would need move-to and emote verbs,
CAMERAS would need pan-to, zoom-to and activate (for 2nd cam) verbs,
SCENES would need sfx to activate an effect and text-overlay verbs,
a WAIT command for dramatic pauses or to give the player time to read something,
With that you could easily build a quality cut-scene the same way you would write a screenplay dialog.

move-to, pan-to, zoom-to, and sfx would need a location parameter or "mark" to be pre-defined
so you could do something like ACTOR "Hakeev" move-to:<mark1>, for example.
Probably the most complicated thing in this proposal would be to build a tool to place marks.

Concretely how would this work;
I imagine that you would be inside the mission, in test mode, but have an additional tool/power called 'cut-scene'
This cut-scene power would start by pressing "pause world"
which brings up a new UI overlay with the text-based script,
and pre-populated list of ACTORS (NPCs and BOs) that are on the current game screen
and a Camera element at it's current position
So you start with all the elements in their current on-screen starting preset places.

Next press Play (like the director shouting "action" on scene)
and the events would step through a list of tasks in a text script,one by one.
Very linear, no multi-threading. or simultaneous actions required
After all you want the players attention focused on one thing at a time.[/color]

The back-end system would need to track each element's locations at each step so that the UI text screen could include the typical Play/Pause, Previous-step (rewind), Next-step, as the scene was debugged.

When you have the scene scripted the way you want, you press 'Record', the scene starts from the beginning, and is rendered into an object/file that is saved into your foundry mission.

That is probably where the real challenge is.
Remember all the debates about foundry mission not really being pre-built (compiled) beforehand the way Cryptic's in-house missions are? So with this scenario you get a hybrid, pre-build little piece, and have to push it back out to your foundry mission editor.
But clearly not insurmountable.

There are a number of things that could be added incrementally.
Adding new Actors, more cameras, more emotes, more Special Effects, etc.
Extending the max-length of a scene (I would expect it to be limited in both time and number of actions to start)