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03-13-2011, 02:32 PM
I would love to see how this stands under independent legal scrutiny. There is something deeply immoral, if not illegal; in obtaining the customer's approval for one price then charging another.
in short? it wouldn't.

fact is by law you must disclose the full price the customer is expected to pay *including taxes* before the item is paid for, via cash or credit card. it is illegal to, say, charge $10 for something I bought at a store and I approve that payment, only to find I was charged $5 in taxes, for a total of $15 charged to my card. in simple terms this means the tax must be added to the price before approval for the payment is given. hence what cryptic is doing is not technically legal. it is not enough to say 'vat taxes may be included' as they must state what the amount you are expected to pay - taxes included, before you approve the purchase. do NOT argue with me on this cryptic, that is the law and you can look it up for yourself.

this is why, here in nova scotia, if I buy something that costs $100, that is punched into the register, as is the tax (7%) which updates the final price to something like $107. THAT is the price that I would authorize the credit card company to remove from my account. they could add or remove nothing to that number without my consent.

not that cryptic actually cares. this isn't the first thing they've done that isn't legal.