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03-13-2011, 06:56 PM
Originally Posted by InvisiblePerson
After looking over it, it's a modified B4. The gray color seems to match Gray B9.

Edit: Well, I made as close as I could to the EMH's uniform. The boots are true black, except for the "tongue" which can be matched (or at least it appears to me).

I went with the B4 uniform, Color Config 1, First: B1 of the primary department colors (it looks like the EMH's might be 1 higher than this, but this is as close as they get), rest: Gray B9.

Pants: Mid Ankle, Panels and Pockets
BW: B9, BW: B11, BW: B11, BW: B9

Boots: Leather
BW: B12, BW: B10, BW: B12, BW: B8 (the B12 is the closest I could find, the dark gray is too blue and the dark 'black' isn't dark enough, looks like the boots are true black).

Command Red
Engineer Gold
Science Blue
Medical Teal

Thanks, Invis. That will help me a lot with the guides.

Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
Does the tutorial's EMH wear something different from the photonic referral officer? Just curious,
I'm working on the EMH guides now. I'm not entirely sure if they are the same either yet, but I'll let you know. They do look very similar from what I remember of the tutorial. I'm rolling up a new character to go through it again now.

Originally Posted by Cpt.William2 View Post
Dude, I'm pretty sure that's just the lighting on the cover. And if you look at the other books, its pretty clearly not white.

And where is that pic from? It looks like just a fan pic.
Um, that's a pic from the photo shoot for that cover. It's just not the photo that was used. And even if it was just a fan pic, Nicole de Boer is wearing the uniform, isn't she? It's not just some random person in a Starfleet uniform. It's the actress herself.

Look, if you don't like the uniform, don't use it. I thought it was kool, so I made some guides for it.


For those who would like to know, I'm also working on the 25th century cadet guides now. They'll be up very soon.