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03-14-2011, 06:21 AM
Originally Posted by Middlemore
Sorry bro, but no idea what you're talking about. We didn't even put you on ignore (the chat PvP was too much fun to ignore you, the only real fun in that match sadly), let alone "Report Spam" or anything else. Smacktalk is just an occasional - and occasionally amusing - part of PvP, and we don't hide behind Ignore buttons or Spam Filters when it arrives. It should be enjoyed for everything it represents.

7th Core are a great bunch of guys though, with a lot of good PvPers; if I were them I'd be above being used as somebody's personal army.
I am sorry, but I am going to have to disagree. They did indeed use the spam filter. That is just the way it went down.

Abusing an in game mechanic like this is just flat out wrong. I appreciate you defending your guys, but in this case, they were in the wrong. I am unlikely to convince you otherwise, as the culprits will most likely just throw their hands in the air and say "I don't know" or "Not me". This is common human behavior and I would expect nothing less.

If you wish to discuss where I suspect this is coming from, I would be happy to do it in game. Just message or E-mail me.

Furthermore I don't view 7'th Core as my "Personal Army". I consider them a good group of people that I enjoy hanging out with on voice chat and just killing time. I joined because I was asked to join. It was either that or before Faithborn left ( I miss chatting with him.. ), we were talking about me joining TSI. Either way would have worked for me.

I have been flying solo pretty much since closed beta. I am used to not depending on other players to support me ( since most don't ) and have learned to get out of Dodge when I see a bad situation coming. Recognizing a hopeless scenario and removing yourself from it is a good idea in general.

Even these days I don't fight with them as much as I used to, being that I am very tired of spam and now the other fun exploits that are coming up in PvP. It is frankly ruining the game for me, in the way that Counterstrike was ruined for me, aimbots and whatnot ( Not to mention Japan, where I used to live and have a few friends there I am worried about right now and cannot contact...which may mean some bad things.. and frankly is more important than a darn video game ).

What I do in 7'th is train new recruits in how to setup their cruiser and techniques to survive or get away from being attacked by multiple ships ( better than the tactic of respawning ) and healing techniques. I have stepped out of recent premade battles, mostly to make room for the new healers to get time in to practice. But I gladly jump in any time Trip wants me to.

Now, if your fleet would be INTERESTED in coming to Trip's Sunday skirmishes, we would like to have you. Aside from what a few bad apples did a few days ago ( and EVERY fleet has some bad apples, I myself am a sour apple ), I would prefer to get the know the fleet as a whole. I can't guarantee I will be there this upcoming sunday ( starting a new job and don't know the schedule yet ), but they typically meet at Drozona station, as it is a place where even klingon fleets can meet up with us as well.

I hope to see you there on Sunday. I think we had 3 or 4 fleets there last week. 1 Klingon joined in. Maybe some more will this week.

If you forget your mines, don't worry.. SOB will bring plenty for all, I am sure. ( had to go for it )