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# 93 Easy fix for Terradome
03-14-2011, 06:34 AM
All the Devs have to do is nerf ALL the Undine in Terradome to be LT 10 level or something, ANYTHING to weaken them so that going through those hundreds of Undine is a cake walk.

Same for the Boss and Undine in the Where's Sulu room, so that, if a team has only one chance to save the real Sulu, the weak Undine can be wiped out quickly and easily.

Some might say that this would ruin Terradome. Well, it's been ruined for 9 months and counting, since the release of Season 2 last summer, with no fix in sight.

If the Undine are nerfed as I suggest, then players can at least complete it and see what it is like, and the Devs will have more time to fix it properly, or wait until they put in the proposed sliding-difficulty for STFs.