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03-14-2011, 06:42 AM
And what really hurts is we are supposed too be PvP faction, but PvP sucks, queues are insane long, and hardly anyone even plays it anymore it seems, so you stuck too grinding D'kel and T'ong nebulas and dailies.

And wondering why o why are there so lil numbers on klingons..

I really DON'T hope that cryptic relies on the community too make Klingon contents with the Foundy, allthough i am really afraid that we have too wait for Klingon contents on the Community and The Foundry before we get some good contents we can sink our sharpend teeth in..

Good side of that is, i have my confedence in getting really good contents from the community as from the developers lately.. (Or is this rather a bad thing, atm i cant deside)