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03-14-2011, 07:53 AM
Tha bad part is that many people believe we are a PvP Factions, something that isn't true.

Before launch Cryptic said that the KDF would be as fleshed out as the Feds, but cut that statement before release when they realized they could not live up to that promise. So we were PvP centric from start and the Feds still try to put through even if it is wrong .

Since then many players have quit the Klingon faction in disgust because of the treatment by the Devs.
The deep split in the community came obvious last year when we gloriously stormed the main forum as the staff resposes in this forum went to 0. Many Fed players tried to put down our slightes desire for more content with hars and brutal words. Since then I know how I have to believe in Cryptic and the Devs in their statements concerning the KDF.