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01-28-2009, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by filip1902 View Post
I can answer this.
See, when models are created, they are given certain "points". Either actual points or full polygons that are designated in some way. This allows objects, effects, ect... to be attached. When you play an FPS online and you see someone switch guns, you actually see an animation, followed by the gun being removed and a new one being put in it's place. To line this up, the guns and the hand model have a point that must match. Kinda like fitting piece A into slot B. It's designed to make it easy to just stick something where it needs to be regardless of what the hands are doing.
This is also true with effects. In this case, a streaming engine effect (the red stuff) is being emitted from a single point that the engines should be. Now due to model clipping, points not being properly placed, ect... you can very easily get that kind of "space" between an effect and where it should be coming from. Remember, most effects are 2D sprites that are simply rotated towards the camera. They don't actually have a fully rendered, 3D model that looks like a stream of stuff coming from an engine.