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03-14-2011, 08:27 AM
btw. STO isn't canon or what ever you call it.
If it would be, then you won't see a federation spaceship with anthing else than phaser, photonen or transphasic torpedos. Klingons would stick to disruptors and Borg won't fire plasma.
And as mentioned before - there is much contend in the books. Didn't cryptic said they hired a bookworm to let the content beeing as much as canon as possible?

And it is so - why should anybode at Lv.6 change sides just to come to the conclusion that he/she hardly has anything to do? The federation and the klingon empire is at war but you can't enter any sector?
Even in TNG it was possible to wander around undiscovered. And when you played your first levels in federation space - umm... there are klingon vessels. So WTF? Why does a NPC cross a boarder I can't cross? Why are romulan marrauders in klingon space while we can't fight back? Why do we team up in borg space for random encounters but can't pair in STFs? Why? Why? Why?

Just one answer - CRYPTIC doesn't care at all.

To give you an impression - I've a 239 days old ticket regarding the violation of TOS - never answered.
I've a 60 days old ticket regarding a bug in Holodeck - never answered.
I've writen and read many kdf threds but hardly seen any response from CRYPTIC.