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03-14-2011, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
I'll take a look at this one more time. I may just have to make the transports unkillable after you loot them, as it's this logic that is the root cause of all the problems.

I didn't want to do this because I wanted to give you guys the option of blowing up the friegters after you looted them but at this point just pulling that option is the only way I think I can fix this issue for good.

Make them stay powered down and unkillable once we stop them, not just after we've looted them. Attack pets make this problem even worse, because when the freighter powers up, starts moving and is attackable again all the currently spawned pets swarm and blow it up before it can stop again. This caused me to have to try several times in Eriksson with the carrier before I gave up and switched back to my BoP just to complete this mission's optional objectives Ever time it was because my carrier's BoP wings would blow up one frieghter when it powered up again. Many times before I could loot them, because one of the escorts would fire at me and interrupt the interaction timer.

That's the other problem with these missions, the looting is constantly interrupted if the escorts aren't killed first. So when we stop the freighters and go to take out the escorts just so we can loot the freighters, they power up and start moving again by the time the escorts are dealt with. If we go after the escorts first, the freighters escape.

Both of these problems will be solved by making the freighters stay powered down and unkillable once they've stopped the first time.

Edit: If you want to give us the option to blow up the frieghter, how about making them return to enemy status and power back up after the optional objective is flagged as completed. In other words, tie their power-up to that flag state. So on the power up check, if Optional is still flagged as incomplete, the power-up sequence is halted. If it is completed the power-up sequence can continue. With this we can complete the optional objectives if we stop enough before they escape and still fail if too many escape before we've stopped them.