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03-14-2011, 01:00 PM
Honestly, I think there must be a good reason behind the DEVs not changing this. I am a developer myself, so I can try to might be that the only definition for each rank, in game, is the official one.

I'll try to make this clearer, and simplify it quite a lot.

Let's say that upon logging on, a variable gets initialized for your character, let's call it "sRankName":

sRankName = "Rear Admiral, Upper Half";

Now, this one might be used everywhere - from the character description screen, to the official conversations, the hails etc. It's a normal practice to avoid having to rewrite something hundreds of times; Instead of having multiple versions of the same text, one for each rank ("Welcome Leiutenant", "Welcome Commander" etc.), there's just one that goes a bit like that: "Welcome, [sRankName]".

Changing that would be more problematic...if you change the value in "sRankName", it would affect official conversations and info screens as well, where you want to see the full rank.
Therefore, the only solution would be to introduce another variable, let's say "sRankInformalName", that carries the shortened version - and substitute it in the relevant text bits only. Not just a "search & replace" effort, as you can see.

Again, I'm not writing a development manual here, just trying to give out a very rough idea about why it could be much more complex to change than most think