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03-14-2011, 01:54 PM
That link is correct, that is indeed Ker'rat.

Ker'rat is as close to open world PvP as you can get in STO right now.

Take heart though. It's anything goes in there. That means you'll just likely find yourself in very bad odds as you would find yourself in good odds.

The important thing is to take things in strides. Even when you're getting the ever loving crap beaten out of you, if you can let yourself calm down for a moment and analyze the situation there's usually something you can learn from the experience.

Oh, and one piece of an advice from an average PvPer like me. Don't get goaded into fighting fair, especially if you know the enemy pilot is more skilled than you.

That and watch out for Borg surprise buttsecks. Sometimes you can get too close to one of those mechanical bums and they can really ruin your day while you're fighting off other enemies.