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03-14-2011, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by Chaddington
As far as making powers work differently or be disabled in pvp and pve, this isn't something we want to turn to as of yet. We think that balancing the powers will and should be possible for both aspects of the game.

Yes, these changes effected PVE. Mainly to fix the pet spam that causes server strain this needed to be addressed and fixed. That is why we will be addressing the other mines and entity creating powers as well in the future.
Like I stated before, I understand the theory that PvP balancing benefits PvE. I was in fact a devout advocate of this doctrine. After a year of STO, however, I am no longer a believer. The true end results have been numerous changes to PvP gameplay and a PvE experience that is less epic than it ought to be, since all aspects of the game must be shoehorned into the Rock Paper Scissors gameplay of PvP. Don't even get me started on how often I have to respec, or how many hundreds of thouasnds I've spent in Starfleet Merits doing so.

I endorse adjustments being made to reduce server strain, but I now wholly disagree with PvE gameplay balance being altered to suit problems that only arise in PvP. That said, I've made my point on this matter, and will go back to earning enough starfleet merit to once again respec after the nerf takes affect. I already foolishly spent my 400 day token on a Tractor Mine / Scorpion build for PvE.