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03-14-2011, 10:42 PM
Thanks, Chaddington. These changes to mines and targeting look like good solutions.

I'm not as positive about the changes to fighters: all ships getting fighters feels less Trek, more Star Wars or BSG, and diminishes the uniqueness of ship classes like the carrier. With missions getting (character) class-specific objectives, maybe we can have (character and ship) class-specific rewards. In this case, maybe mines for escorts, fighters for cruisers, and something else for science ships would have worked. It's probably too late to do something like that with a released item like the Scorpions.

Originally Posted by Chaddington
Scorpion Fighters:
Reduced cooldown of Scorpion Fighters to 60 Seconds from 180.
Reduced the amount of Scorpion Fighters to 3 from 5. Per Launch allowing a total of 6 out instead of 10.
What about reducing per-launch and total-out to 2 per launcher and allowing ships to equip as many launchers as they have device slots. Each launcher could have a longer individual cooldown with a shorter global cooldown, allowing larger ships with more device slots to field more fighters in total while controlling the replacement rate if enemies make killing fighters a priority. A cruiser could "go carrier" but at a loss of battery load-out flexibility.

When PDS comes, perhaps fighters could be designated--on a per-launcher basis--as providing cover: they would stay near the ship and preferentially attack other fighters or targetable torpedoes. That would make even a single launcher valuable in combat, and larger ships would have the luxury of having both cover and offensive capability with their fighters.

On a related note, I've started up a new Klingon character and seen a problem twice where a few fighters have orange-colored names, attack me, and I can't attack them back. I'm not sure if they were launched by Feds or by KDF and got "turned" by something like a Scramble Sensors without reverting. I can't destroy them, and I can't cloak because they're attacking me. Please keep an eye out for it in testing.