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03-15-2011, 02:56 AM
I think atm there is no more discussion needed.
Gaius made contact with WishStone. The issue has been noticed and they had a look on our proofs of it.
So i suggest u to give em time to find out what the prob is and some more time to let em find a solution.
Thx all.
Thanks for the update. And thanks for figuring this stuff out and reporting it to Cryptic.

I already have a lot of respect for the guys from RE, and so I am not surprised you did the right thing. But it's always good to see a positive opinion reeinforced.

Let's hope that:
1) there will be no next time of such reports necessary
2) If there is a next time nevertheless, the overall fallout will be nicer, and the reporting and report handling will be done more smoothly.