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03-15-2011, 08:47 AM
....really, guys? Really?
After everything that happened, you *all* should have known better than to, again, break the forum's rules and go directly against what Stormshade and I had asked you to do.
  • Submit a Bug Report if you encounter an issue
  • If said issue is a serious concern, feel free to send a Community Ticket through the Website
  • Breaking the forum's rules to "make a point" leads to infraction points, suspensions and bans
  • Your account will only take a total of 20 points. After that, you lose forum access.

We have posted our reasons for disallowing such discussions a number of times now. Simply ignoring these and just going on ahead to break the rules will not lead to a change - because you will lose your voice on the forums over it.

Come on, I know you guys can do better than that.