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03-15-2011, 09:02 AM
If I find a way to make every player without exception 100% pleased and happy, I shall be a very rich Games Industry worker. ^^

You know there are Devs that specifically concern themselves with PvP. You have seen them on this very forum previously.

ANY and EVERY bug that gets reported and not immediately fixed bothers one player or another. That is a fact. Not only that, it bothers the heck out of QA and Developers - and that is a fact, too. No one likes to see their stuff isn't doing what you designed it to do, no one likes to see a problem but be unable to fix it.

A number of things need to be kept in mind at all times.

- Not every bug can be corrected at once.
Some of these ruddy things are hidden well, are in a tricky-to-reach place or have other problems connected to it. (I have experienced bugs that showed themselves in place A but actually were caused by place B.)

- Not everything can be corrected at once.
Sometimes the person who can correct a problem is tied up with something else which is much more critical. If the person who could fix an exploit is told there is a problem that disallows a great number of players to connect to the game, then their objective may be shifted. That does not devalue one matter in favour of another. It simply means that some things will bump back others.

- Just because it is quiet does not mean we're not reading.
Especially the PvP forums carry a language and behaviour that not everyone may feel welcoming or enjoy to be a part of. We read a great number of threads every day. I actually try to have focus days and read on specific topics. But will I post in every one? No. Sometimes a discussion is in good hands without me popping up. Because just as with the Prime Directive: Once I show myself, the thread WILL change. People will talk differently and not always do I want that.

Your feedback on these forums does not need a special hat or a shiny badge.
It only needs to follow the forum's rules so I don't have to become the WishStoneHulk. If you guys discuss something in a constructive, peaceful manner, you can bet that we're seeing it.
Just as we would if someone stomps in, kicks down the door and screams at everyone. But that would have a different outcome.