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Originally Posted by Psi'a Meese
I now have a K't'inga (t3) Battle Cruiser. I suggest breaking down the suggestions by Template. If it hasn't been observed, we can't swap any component between the three templates. Why is this Tier starship any different from the others?

D7 Template
Confirm that impulse engine placement needs polish. Per the remastered TOS. As the original TOS never displayed any at all.
  • Add: Struts need outer exhaust vents.
  • Add: Fleet Logo should be moved from the center portion of the engineering hull to the outer portion.
  • Add: move the beam hardpoints from the front of the struts and place them on the end of the nacelles themselves.
  • Add: Aft torpedo tube to mirror the one from the bow. Yet another detail never depicted in the TV show. But would make the in-game model more complete if the slot exists for it.
K't'inga Template
I actually did my best to interpret the Kronos One (ST: VI) model as seen on page 3/4 of the ST-bilder site already linked on the front page. I'm currently using Type 3 Material, Gemini advanced pattern, two shades of red. Which is pretty darned close. But, IMO, would work together better if the raised armor-plating was re-visited to look closer to the model.

I want to confirm the bugs already on the front page. However, to my eye the impulse engine placement on the K't'inga Template looks alright. The beam strips on the belly of the engineering section are just barely noticeable as unattached when viewed up close from the aft. Otherwise I couldn't tell it was a problem. As far as beam strips go, I'm not bothered by them on the template. While never canon to the model, I didn't find them distracting.

Confirm that K't'inga Template does look silly firing aft torpedoes from either the top-rear hardpoint or the bottom-rear hardpoint. It really needs the art for an aft torpedo tube. Some model pics display the aft tube with a bulbous hatch cover over it. I can fore go this. Mirror the illuminated tube from the bow. So that the torpedo fires from just beyond the aft. Just as the forward fires from just beyond the bow.

Confirm that lighting customization don't appear. I tried each and every material configuration for K't'inga. However, neither the red intake up top the engineering hull nor the green from inside the nacelles make an appearance. I had hoped this was just in the customization screen. But the illumination never appears in space at all. Yet the NPC version is fine - until you get close to it.
  • Add: Struts need outer vent details. Which should be maintained regardless of customized pattern.
  • Add: Fleet Emblem needs to be moved from the top engineering hull to the struts forward these vents. Per the movie model.
  • Add: The game calls the forward section of any KDF starship a Saucer. Which is wrong. Suggest renaming it Command Boom? At the rear-starboard end of this Command Boom (saucer) displays a horrible distortion which pokes up to a point. Right where the boom connects to the Hull section. Whereas the port side looks normal. If I get my screenshots hosted, I will edit to include the links.

K't'inga Refit Template
It's a variant original to STO. It's merely a suggestion to polish the aft. Add an aft torpedo tube to this one, too. However, it's deserving of an original name. All other STO variants have them. From the hip I'll suggest Kor-class. I don't think it's been used yet?
Edited and added. The bridge module suggestion was added to the beginning of the Klingon section.