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03-15-2011, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by Chaddington
The Tractor Beam FX were fixed and will be pushed tribble asap.

The Fighters AI has been tweaked a little and should act a bit more appropriate and no longer follow cloaked played.

"PDS system" Discussion Yes... Implementation Not yet. Possibly in a future update. We wanted to fix mines a a whole first before putting in a PDS system.

As far as making powers work differently or be disabled in pvp and pve, this isn't something we want to turn to as of yet. We think that balancing the powers will and should be possible for both aspects of the game.

Yes, these changes effected PVE. Mainly to fix the pet spam that causes server strain this needed to be addressed and fixed. That is why we will be addressing the other mines and entity creating powers as well in the future.

They do last 7 seconds but they also do a slightly lower potency version of tractor beam.

ODD numbers are making a comeback... just like 80's.
I understand having to deal with server load and the fact that there are probably lots more fighters and mines total in pve than in pvp, so both need some kind of nerf. But you guys sticking to your guns that pvp and pve should stay the same is a mistake in my opinion, one that will cause much dev time, many respecs, only to eventually go this route anyway. The metagame in pvp changes, if you keep nerfing things for everyone because of an almost dead pvp community you'll hurt the game as a whole, and in the end I think you'll do what Guild Wars did after 4 years of trying to do things your way and make skills work differently in pvp for balance and pve for fun. At least you used the word "yet".

Fewer fighters hurts somewhat but maybe you could give them more hp each and tell them to run away from a warp breach in progress? I often lose most of my fighters because they decide to hang around 1km from a ship about to explode. If the now-fewer fighters just blow up right away they'll soon not be worth the device slot in pve.

And if we're still going to have every ship have fighters, maybe you can give some love back to the Vo'Quv carrier? The several nerfs at once given to it have made it simply no longer a valid choice for pve. The Kar'fi also got nerfed but is still superior to the Vo'Quv, as is the Negh'var and the Vor'cha retrofit. I want valid choices for each ship in pve, eliminating those choices for pvp just fosters resentment and limits player choice.