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Most STF's are built to allow certain career paths to excel (example: Tactical = Infected, Science = Cure).

One of the main problems people have with this STF is with the Engineers staying alive.

What if this STF was designed for Engineers, let me explain.

Lets say that the Undine kill one engineer, but good news you have an engineer in your group that
can hop on that console and take over.

Now the ideal situation is that you keep all the Undine away from the NPC engineers, but in the case that you lose one you can have a teammate that is an engineer take over within a certain time frame.

So as long as you have as many NPC engineers that you lose, on your team, you can keep going.

Or if thats too much to ask for then at least let us revive the downed engineers within a certain time frame before if fails the mission.

After this part of the mission is done please put a darn spawn point in place.

Leave the "Where's Sulu" part alone as long as it loads correctly anyway.