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Header: I did a bit of ground work for this in the past but decided to condense the "How to make the most of it" and make it separate from the "How to get it to work" thread. If you have questions, make sure you read through the entirety of this first.

Disclaimer: Cryptic / Atari does not provide support for this platform/application, so do not ask them to help you with setting it up. It's on an AS-IS basis.

Document version: 20110411-1127

Color key:
Green colored items are generally either safe commands or preferred options. In the case of diagnostics, if you do not run them as root, you have no chance of damaging your system. And, in most cases of the diagnostics, they are information gatherers only and do not do damage by themselves.

Yellow colored items are generally moderate severity. Only change them if you are reasonably certain you know what you're doing. On preferences (especially in the video post section), yellow colored items indicate that these are less optimal ideally, but may work for you just fine. Always write down the original values before you make the changes so you can restore them later if you need to do so.

Orange colored items are generally considered only slightly less severe or bad than red. (They rarely appear in this documentation for the simple fact that it's a quick and slippery slope from yellow to red.)

Red colored items are generally dangerous if not used properly. Only change them if nothing else works and if you've confirmed your hardware supports the configuration you're trying. As with the moderate severity items above, be sure to write down pre-change values to restore them in the event you need to do so.