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03-15-2011, 11:59 PM
Originally Posted by The.Restless.Kaiser
1: Shirtless Kirk!
In the usuaul sequence of beat up the alien, steal the technology and snog the girl Cap'n J.T invariablylost substantial portions of his tunic revealing the vigorous manhood beneath. WE NEED THIS. Maybe when you take a crit or something we coudl get a rip in our uniform?


Yes this is a bit tongue in cheek but it is based on canon Aw cmon, it would be awesome!
If you get Shirtless Kirk, that means someone else can get Shirtless Tellarite. Or Shirtless Pakled. I don't need to see a Trek version of Danny DeVito running around looking like he just escaped from a prison **** scene.

Please. Don't do this.