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03-16-2011, 01:14 AM
I hit that wall some time ago. I maxed my first two characters as Klingon. When pvp wasn't popping, all we had was empire defense (grinding of the worst nature).

My solution seems to be what most everyone else did ; quit playing STO and move to another game or go Fed. I maxed a Fed character, then played 5 months of LOTRO. When I came back, many Fed things had been added, but the Klingon content is ... well it is just not there. I maxed another Fed character, this time trying to stay in the quest lines amd not pvping all the time. They have more quests than you can do; you pass up the low ones and have to start skipping quests to stay current to your level. Doing non-level appropriate content is boring for me so I do not do it.

All I can suggest is working on completing your accolades. Be sure you have tried to do every little piece of conent there IS. Sit around in Eta Eradani sector and argue with feds. In the end though there are still the same choices : Fed or quit. A new MMPORG is close to beta that has a VERY popular science fiction theme. Most dissatisfied people I know are treading water waiting for it.