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03-16-2011, 02:03 AM
I know I left last August or at least thats when I cancelled, I just came back a few weeks ago, Leveled my fed to VA1, went over to the Kilngon toon and still pretty much the same, I did notice a few added missions, but surely not as many as the Fed side. So I rolled another Klingon factioned toon, I know there is a ton of lore to be had here....where is it? in all the TV shows, movies, books, comics...etc... Worf even had lore. I dont mind PvP, just not all of the time, I enjoy being part of a story hence the reason I went and played a fed, I give kudos to all the LTG Klingons out there, must have been a tedious trip.

by the way my fed is a escort commander Defiant-R, the closest to a Klingon escort I could think of.