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03-16-2011, 11:37 AM
I agree there has been little love given to the Klingon side. Every time this is pointed out the Fed care bares come out and say this game is based on the Federation side so deal with it. My response is that without diversity no MMO can live for long. So here we are only a year in to the game and the Klingon side is a shadow of what it was a week after the game was released. Yes we have had the weekly missions but still after a year the Klingon side less than handful of story line missions. Compare that to the vast amount of storyline missions on the Fed side; itís clear that Cryptic has been neglecting the Klingon side.

If season 4 does not have some serious content for the Klingons then I hope all the Feds like solo play or doing PvP against other Feds because that is all they will have to do. Given Cryptics history I donít think that there will be anything substantial added for the Klingon side. The reason why I donít think they will add anything to the Klingon side is because they are going in to a 3 or 4 month period of time with no new content for anyone. My guess is the Feds will be crying for something new after a month or two and Cryptic will again drop anything that is Klingon specific to get something out for the Fed side as season 4 gets released.

For all of the people that want to play Romulans you should take note. My guess is based off of what Cryptic has not done for the Klingons you should expect the same lack of content. Hope you like leveling up on PvP only missions.

By the way if my post seams a little critical of Cryptic it is; as this lack of content for the Klingon side has been going on for a very long time. I have maxed out three characters on the Fed side and 4 on the Klingon side. I enjoy playing the Feds but also the Klingons and feel strongly that neglecting the Klingon side is a mistake. This game need some diversity and without it will become boring to play as is evident to anyone that has maxed out their characters.