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03-16-2011, 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by Vipermist
LOL you have absolutely zero clue what your talking about, btw who are you again?

Qew spam SS? LOL. The only ship we use this on is our science ships and even then its only 1 copy per ship so the max we would have in any premade match would be 2, possibly 3 if we had 3 sci ships in a match or our karfi spam team for lolz

You obviously have never fought SCI heavy federation teams made up of multiple sci ships using multiple copies of SS, teams like RE who are one of the more SS heavy teams. I have fought entire 1 hour long premade matches, pretty much under scramble sensors the entire match against certain teams.

Besides we would happily fight any team with NO SS allowed we don't need or even care for the skill that much, we only use it to counter other teams SS. In fact its our guys that want it fixed more than anyone else in the game.

Oh and your dead wrong about SS effecting premades or premades using it against other premades. ALL the best premades in the game use it. It can screw up an escorts attack quite easily and forces this use of a SCI team which is one less SCI team they have to counter an SNB. Sure premades have an easier time dealing with it than pugs, but when timed properly SS works against even the best premades.

So in summing up get your facts right before you come in here spouting utter BS and talking about stuff you know nothing about.
I never said Spam SS, I said Spam fest ( mines, fighters)

Iíve have not fought against a que/lore premade not using SS in over 3 months. So you might not spam it but it is expected when facing a OEW/LORE team. The tactics I posted before are accurate, and expected.

Talking to other healers and my self it does not effect our healing.

Also I never called it a exploit, but exploited. We all know there is no guarantee even when untargeted the opponent, that you will get ST. The only guarantee is from a teammate or macros. Making most PuGs SoL

I never talk BS, I talk experience, and that was my experience and will be for SS. I have not ever seen SS overcome a good pvp group. Spam 5 or what ever number of copies make it superior not really, 5 grav wells is better than 5 SS.

To attack someone integrity about their opinion is obnoxious, look at my sig those names are known by many in STO pvp, for good reasons.

Back to SS

Yes ST needs to either be not affected by SS or all away teams. Its not fair to the new pvpers coming in to get SS and then when they actually are smart enough to use ST they donít get the effect. Help the noobs out. =) because like I said and will say good premades can handle it.

No, SS should not get nerf its fine how its. ST or away teams needs to be changed.