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03-16-2011, 12:09 PM
Originally Posted by Capt.King

So you get scrambled, then start to lose all ship functions, in a desperate act you hit your heals trying to save your dying ship and since you are scrambled you HEAL the enemy. Not good, right? Thats not right in many senses. Well, since when do factions have the same ship features and interchangable abilities/parts. Make a heal that inadvertantly goes to your foe an ATTACK. Like getting 240V when you are set up for 110V.

This would cut down on the OVER use of scramble sensors that is now ruling all aspects of pvp. Next time you hit scramble sensors and get a blast from your enemy in the form of a heal beam that damages your shields/ship you may think twice about overusing this ability.

Just a thought.

Go into your Options - Controls and turn off the "Assist target on Attack" then you will not send heals to anyone but yourself unless you choose which team member to heal. This option is on by default and even without scramble sensors can cause you to heal a teammate that doesn't need the heal atm, just because your target happened to be targeting that teammate.

Also, to avoid killing your teammates when you get hit with the scramble, change your auto-fire mode to disable on change. This should also be on the Controls tab of the Options.

If you're having a problem with automatically targeting the enemy marked as a friend, then also turn off the auto-select attacker. Sure you have to then manually select your targets either with the tab key or the mouse, but ya know what? That's just good practice for PvP anyway as it helps your team make sure they're all targeting the same enemy instead of one of their pets/mines.

Originally Posted by IronScarlet
We all know there is no guarantee even when untargeted the opponent, that you will get ST. The only guarantee is from a teammate or macros. Making most PuGs SoL
If you do what I said above, then you will be guaranteed to have your own ST land on yourself if you have no target. Those who are using macros for this are over-thinking the problem instead of using this very simple fix.