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03-16-2011, 12:38 PM
Originally Posted by The.Restless.Kaiser
Those of us that still crave the TOS experince a few key features are missing from ground combat gameplay.

1: Shirtless Kirk!
In the usuaul sequence of beat up the alien, steal the technology and snog the girl Cap'n J.T invariablylost substantial portions of his tunic revealing the vigorous manhood beneath. WE NEED THIS. Maybe when you take a crit or something we coudl get a rip in our uniform?

All starfleet officers of this era seemed to find it an essential unarmed combat technique to throw themselves upon their enemies and roll around the floor manfully. Eventually defeating their enemies by a sequence of rolls on the floor and the odd bash to the head.
Might I suggest at commander rank we get this as an unarmed combat mode (enabled by making a dive move) with 1 and 2 being rolling left and right and 3 being a smash to the noggin! (enabled as an exploit attack if you are on top, of course)

3: Elbowing
Rather than relying on the noble art of pugilism many instances of TOS fighting involved a lot of elbowing. Can we have the pistolwhip replaced with this handy move when using type 1 & 2 phasers ?

Yes this is a bit tongue in cheek but it is based on canon Aw cmon, it would be awesome!
HAHA! This is by far the best thread I have read today! It would be fantastic to have a few martial arts options to choose from in the Tailor.

Of course my favorite choice would be Kirk-Fu. Allow me to show you a few moves. Also sound effects are included with Kirk-Fu.

Double Kirk Kick and Kirk-Fu Pound (same as Lunge with an 8 foot Knockback and the other is an alternating punch combo)
Double Kirk-Fu Chop! (instant Expose and Exploit!!!)
Umm....? (same as...Draw Fire?)
Horizontal Dropkick (same as Lunge but has a 4 foot Knockback AOE!!!)
Kirk Maneuver (same as Leg Sweep. Notice how amazing Kirk-Fu is...the impact of the attack happens even before physical contact is made. Some of these attacks are so amazing that physical contact isn't even needed!!!!!)