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03-16-2011, 03:16 PM
Originally Posted by WishStone
I had garnered the feeling that STO not separating factions in chat was a welcomed feature.
Besides trash-talking and strategic eavesdropping, what other issues have there been?
I think others have already answered this but just to clarify:

Yes, STO not separating factions i.e. allowing everyone in the instance to hear Zone chat is a good thing, please do not change this.

However, it is sometimes necessary, for tactical planning to be able to address everyone on your side i.e. all "Red" players without "Blue" players being able to hear. If your side consists of more than 5 players or players from different factions (as can occur in a Cap n Hold or private PvP challenge), you cannot currently address them all at once without the enemy also hearing, making it hard to co-ordinate a tactical strike.

BTW, Good to see evidence that someone at Cryptic is reading the PvP forum, thanks WishStone.