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03-16-2011, 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
There is not currently a way to achieve what you're attempting.

The duration of something is not the duration of the animation. Animations are a predefined length. Duration refers to the length of time an actor will stay in whatever behavior he's in.

I've covered this elsewhere before, so you can maybe find more info there. And I know AStarSearcher put up a rather detailed post explaining behaviors in futher detail.
Please don't take this as a nerdrage, but I'm at my wits ends here.


it is very frustrating how you guys are naming a few things. Fail is not fail. Duration in an animation is not the duration of an animation. Wander distance is not the distance of a wander but the distance allowed away from the spawn point.

It would really, really help us if the devs could please name the functions according to what they actually do, or at the very least, please include an info popup that explains what a slider is intended to be used for, kind of like with the object descriptions.


As is stands, there are so many animations that serve no function at all, like the warp in. If you believe that it's functioning as intended, then none of us realize how it was intended to be used. Why? Because the looping makes no sense.

Why would I use a warp in animation if it loops? My ship or another ship warps in, and seconds later, the ship warps in again. It's not useful as an animation under any scenario.

Scenario A: Use it as an idle animation? No, it instantly reappears after it disappears. I can't use it.

Scenario B: Use it as a chat animation? No, it instantly reappears after it disappears. I can't use it.

Scenario C: Use it as a personal ship animation when interacting with an object? No, that makes no sense.

What else is left here?

This is not an isolated instance. There are a dozen object interactions in space that are entirely worthless becasue they loop. Except for 1 or 2 animations, most of the space ones just make no sense. The ONLY animations that have any use in space are the sensor sweep and the ship shock one. The rest are pointless and unusable.

It really does seem like someone was like, "Hey, we have these stock animations. Let's throw them into it and not pay attention to how they are meant to be used. Kind of like the fact that we have 8 Fed walls with different colored doors and not a single regular corridor wall. Someone threw in the candy with no idea of how authors might need to use different pieces together. It's like the left hand of the art (or whoever) team doesn't coordinate well with the right hand of the other team that is designing how we use these assets and animations, or vice versa.

This is extremely frustrating.

Can someone please tell us how we are supposed to use these animations?

What exactly can we do with the warp in animation?

The same question applies to most of the space animations like Q flash in or the ground beam in animations.

Please tell us what we're supposed to do with these assets, because if they are working as intended, then no one intended us to use them at all. If you didn't plan for us to use them as logic would dictate, then why include them at all? Please tell me what I can do with the warp in animation.

If the answer is nothing, then it reflects a serious lack of coordination between the functions and options.

*rant off.