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I'm a long time player, career officer, loved the new episodes, but have to say, I just had my greatest STO moment in an oldy.

Starbase 24

I'm a Tactical VA1 flying a dreadnaught with top gear and bridge officers.

To start this off and give a little background info. In the zone is 4 VA1's including myself, it looked like 2 tactical, 1 engineer, 1 science. We were un-grouped, just randomly in the instance together. So the zone is on hard difficulty with the high levels, the timer resets, and the Dev message pops up in pink, 30 minutes before server maintenance...

If this didn't enhance the experience... nothing would have, it was a true star trek moment.
30 minutes, and we started...

We killed off the first 20/50 relatively quickly, but then we hit a few snags, catching the attention of unwanted guests, too many to fight at once, and our group was split 3 ways, I was alone, but the quick thinking of a few talented bridge officers kept us alive, kept us in the game. we reversed shield polarity and was able to get shield up while repairing enough hull damage to make a long loop back to 2 of the fleet. We were just in time, with the extra fire power the group of birds of prey were no match... we survived... for now... then... 50/50.

just as the next Dev message popped, 15 minutes left

Then... reinforcements...

Klingon battleships and escorts warped in from every direction, they encircled starbase 24 like a stirred hornet's nest. The odds were even heavier against us, sure, with unlimited time, the Klingon fleet would be no match for us, just a matter of time before we weakened their fleet by destroying 20 battleships, but... with only 15 minutes... was there a chance?

I hailed the fleet "We can do this, we can take them in 15 minutes, we have to"

We fought on, we engaged the Klingons strategically, in force, but even the best laid plans can fall through.
we had 13/20 destroyed when we received word from the Devs... 5 minutes to go...

To the fleet I responded... "Hit em' with everything you've got, and after that ram them if you have to"

We quickly dismantled 3 more battleships, then another, bringing us to 17, but then we lost our engineer, he was overwelmed by 2 groups of battleships, escorts, and birds of prey... he had slipped too far away from the fleet for us to help him. Then our Science captain had to escape to distance to survive, time to repair we didn't have...

as our count crawled to 19, I knew by the time we only had a minute left, but all I could see was large groups of escorts and bird of prey... no battleships... and then I saw it, a group of 2 battleships with escort, and the other tactical captain had slipped over and engaged. With incoming fire I couldn't cloak past the ships between me and him, but I knew he'd never be able to take him alone, and surely not in time, so I braced for evasive maneuvers through the blockade of klingon ships, reversed shield polarity, transferred all power to weapons, set quantum torpedoes to high yield, and as soon as we come in range I fired, knowing we had only seconds...

The Torpedoes impacted... the phasers scarred the hull... but the Klingon battleship still had 40% hull strength and port shields facing the other tactical captain... and then... the spinal lance cooldown lifted, just in time... but would it be enough?

With full power to weapons, I fired... the golden lance of phaser fire streaked across space and tore through the battleship's hull from bow to stern, erupting the ship into a fireball 5 times it's size.
The day was won... we had won! Starbase 24 had been at least temporarily kept from the Klingons, and they had lost a lot of ships... and a lot of captains.

less than 10 seconds later... the server shut down... we had not only beat the Klingons, but beat the Devs as well... with just enough time to signal the fleet... "We did it, we won"

I didn't get the chance to get any of the other captain's names, or I would list them here and give them credit, they fought hard, they won.

I was also awarded another victory upon the destruction of the last Klingon battleship... The 1st place reward for the fleet action... Truly... A Star Trek moment to remember.

Keyes out.