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Not exactly a new topic. Supposedly, it was discussed already 7 months ago, and it is yet to be implemented.

But I still maintain it is a good idea. It doesn't have the same appeal as Open PvP Territory Control, but it provide something territory control also provides - a lasting measure of progress and success, a form of "persistence". Even if it's just in a statistic and not in a neatly sector map clean of any hostile bases...

First things first: The goal of any "leaderboard" system should probably not be to try to shoehorn the various achievements peoople have made into a single stat. Instead, it should basically a big statistics, and people might lead in one area, and fall behind in another. This gives plenty of motivation for people with different interests.

Score Time Frame
I think the system would work best with some kind of "monthly" leaderboard that tracks only events that happened within the leaderboard. There could also be statistics that are tracked for all eternity, but not all stats make sense for that, as new players can never hope to exceed certain figures compared to an experienced players, and that might feel unsatisfying.
As a result, we distinguish between "Lifetime" and "Monthly" Statistics.

Except where indicated otherwise, we track only "official" events, that generally means queued fights and specifically sanctioned events, should we ever get official tournament mechanics. Maybe we allow also private challenges if certain requirements are met.

Fleet and Player leaderboards
The leaderboards also allow accumulation of data of all players in a fleet. The statistics only track a member of the fleet for the fleet statistics for the best half of the active players in any given category. (this limitation allows good fleets to accept newbies and give them time to train.)

Visual Representation
The leaderboards are ideally highly configurable, allowing a more finegrained view for specific statistics, and allowing to describe information on a per player or per character basis.

Score Categories to Track

Total Matches Played
A very simple statistics. It can be used both in the monthly and in the lifetime leaderboards. As a special requirement: Monthly statistics are only provided for months a player has played a minimum amount of matches (in an effort to average out random outliers, like a particularly good match).

This statistics might be also allow a more finegrained view, distinguishing between C&H, Arenas, FvK, KvK, FvF, private or queued, space and ground.

Some "core statistics" that might get priority in tracking are listed in italics.

Most Flown Ship
Finegrained view allows to Per character and per player

Matches Won
Matches Played
Match Win Ratio
Most Damage in One Match
Most Kills in One Match
Total Kills
Average Kills
Average Damage Per Match
Most Healing in one Match
Average healing Per Match
Highest Death Count in One Match
Total Deaths
Kill/Death Ratio
Average Deaths per Match
Top Speed (no Full Impulse?)
Top Speed (no Full Impulse?) per match
Average Speed (no Full Impulse?) per match
Time Spent in Matches

All these allow fine grained view by match type, as above.

#Succesful Completion of War Zone Objectives
#Failed Completions of War Zone Objectives

Leaderboard Reward Mechanics
At the end of each month, the monthly and lifetime leaderboards are evaluated and top ranks and lowest ranks are determined.
The top 3 are recognized publically, but the one with the "worst" stat might get his own little reward (He doesn't have to tell anyone and get his fingers pointed at. )

Only people that have completed at least 12 PvP matches or missions (War Zone) in the respective mont are eligible for recognition. This means inactive players do not hog prizes.

If you achieve one of the top 3 ranks in any given major statistics, or the lowest, you earn a special accolade. There are additional accolades that track doing it 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 and 36 times.

If you ever were in the top 3 in any given category at any point, you get a trophy. The trophy ideally is also designed to show in some form how often you won it.

In-Game Reward
The top 3 in any given category also earn some form of in-game resources.Be it Emblems, access to special crafting items. It shouldn't really be something balance changing per se. Maye it should be items that, instead of usable by them, are usable by others, allowing sale on the Exchange or given out as gifts.
(I imagine some fun items like "IWin Button" or "Champion's Breakfest".


The system could also be used to go beyond PvP, and also track PvE efforts. Possible Statistics:
  • Accolade Score
  • Anomalies Gathered
  • Missions Completed (without exploration)
  • Exploration Missions completed
  • STF Raid Times
  • STF damage/healing/death/kills stats (see PvP)
  • Fleet Action Times
  • Fleet Action damage/healing/kills stats (see PvP)
  • Distance Traveled at warp
  • Distance traveled with slipstream
  • Distance traveled at impulse
  • Transwarps
  • Total PvE Kills
  • Total PvE Deaths

PvP Queue System
Some core statistics might be identified (for example, "Matches Won") to help guide the PvP Queue system which players should end in the same match and on the same or different sides.

Fleet Rewards
In a later step, the reward mechanics might also be extended to aid fleets. Especially once fleet starbases get implemented, it might be interesting to use leader boards to grant fleets access to specific options ("cheaper" access or exclusive access). At that point, extending the statistics to also score PvE leader boards makes a lot of sense.
Some items and boons might require defending the fleets position on the leaderboards, encouraging both competition and excellence.

Negatively of course, such competition can cause animosity - some care needs to be taken that stuff is not _too_ exclusive.