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03-17-2011, 04:23 PM
Originally Posted by snix View Post
One way to draw a fight to the points of interest is to provide "king of the hill" style game mechanics, especially if the hill moves to a new point of interest after each capture.

As an additional plus, this game style allows for a team that has lost a few members to regroup to assault the next point rather than just racing back to support their team in the furball.

I and many others have asked for a King of the Hill type of match since beta.

Another one that could be fun is a capture the flag match. Put the flag in the center of the map and both teams have to go get it and take it back to their base. The bases could be the respawn points or form a baseball diamond with the 2 respawn points. Some interesting things could be down with the map's geography to prevent direct flight paths between all the key locations. To show which player has the flag, a big icon could float above them and cloak disabled while carrying the flag, to help ensure the rest of your team focuses more on keeping the flag barer alive and so the enemy can find them to try to stop them.