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03-17-2011, 05:11 PM
Lots of good ideas here; I agree that getting stat-tracking and leaderboards into the game would help boost PvP a lot, by giving people a measurable sense of achievement and incentive to play (especially if tied to new accolades).

However I will say that, at least to begin with, I would actually prefer a slightly more simplistic system than what you're proposing here, just to make it easier to code, so that it can reach us quicker. So, drop the stats on damage/healing (and especially speed, I don't particularly see the point in that - he who Evasive Maneuvers the most wins?). But at the same time, I'd add trackers for "Daily" as well as "Weekly", "Monthly", and "Lifetime" stats. Oh, and the Holy Kill/Death Ratio.

I'd like to get the basic stat-tracking functionality in first though, and then actual leaderboards at a later point, once that first plank has been put in and tested to be working properly. Until then, Accolades/Trophies could/should just be tied to certain milestone numbers related to the various stats.

Aside from that, the suggestions for Accolades and Trophies are great (we must have a "One Shot One Kill" Accolade for Minimax to chase), and using the code to also create PvE stats is a stroke of genius, so that the system becomes something which doesn't only benefit PvPers - it would be something of interest to all players.

As we should be mindful of Cryptic's limited resources, I think it's important for any system not to be overly ambitious. Keep it simple and straightforward for the initial implementation, and then expand it afterwards. No doubt the major stumbling block is going to be creating the new UI functionality for some sort of "PvP/PvE Stats" screen - the less demands we place on the devs, the easier it'll be for them to achieve, and so the more they'll be inclined to get it down, hopefully.

Ultimately, this is something that has been promised for a while - if there's any chance at all that we could get even a basic beta version of this functionality in Season 4, that would, in this player's opinion, be completely awesome.