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03-17-2011, 07:24 PM
Lol I have several ships in dock with other United Nations Space Command ship names, Forward unto Dawn is one, many more, there's a listing online in some wiki, but I just remember most of them from the novels.

Timers in some cases would absolutely add a level of "Trek" to the gameplay. Perhaps a loose timer on hard, and a tight hard to make timer on elite, then bump up the drops even more as a reward.

I've had other Trek moments, amazing moments, and Kirk moments in my time here with STO, but this one just made me sit back and say... "Wow... that was fun" and still feel like I was actually in the captain's chair the entire time. Loved it, I'm still excited over it.

And Pandas? seriously?... nvm

I'd like to know more of your "Trek" moments in STO, tell me a true story about a moment that made you love the fact that you are playing this game.